GMTA Local Auditions

Required Forms:

  1. Registration / Application form (download from GMTA website)
  2. GATE Registration form (download from GMTA website)
  3. Judge’s Comment Sheet
  4. Declaration Statement
Audition Date Saturday, February 18, 2017
Registration Deadline Postmark by January 20, 2017
Auditions Entry Fee Three (3) separate checks made payable to NDMTA
$30  Student Local Entry Fee ($20 audition + $10 GATE-Georgia Audition Theory Exam)
$25  Student Regional/State Fee attached to each student’s application form
$20  Teacher Fee
Auditions and GATE Location Georgia State UniversitySchool of Music, Standard Building on Fairlie Street, Atlanta, GA
Chairperson Gayle Vann       678-333-4510
4075 Royal Pennon Ct Norcross, Ga 30092 (Mail forms and checks to Gayle Vann)
Assistants Wendy Vann-Reifler, Julie Vu
Eligibility Member entering students in this event must have joined NDMTA by October 1, 2016 and have attended two (2) meetings on two different dates, between August 1, 2016 and February 1, 2017 preceding the current Local Auditions.

Local Association Auditions

Students of MTNA members play TWO compositions. Please note MAXIMUM time limits for repertoire.Students will be allotted the following MAXIMUM TOTAL TIME for the auditions.

Grades 2 – 3:           6 minutes     (Local Auditions ONLY – will not go to State Auditions)

Grades 4 – 5:           8 minutes

Grades 6 – 9:         10 minutes

Grades 10 – 12:     12 minutes

Piano Repertoire Requirements

Grades 2 – 12:  Two pieces required, one from each of the following categories.

1.   Choose one piece from BAROQUE or CLASSICAL.  (ALL BEETHOVEN INCLUDED).


NOTE:  a single movement from a sonata or suite may count as a piece, or several short movements may be grouped to count as a single piece when appropriate. Memorization of all repertory is required.

Georgia Auditions Theory Exam (GATE) Requirements

The Georgia Auditions Theory Exams are a required component of GMTA’s Auditions competition and support GMTA’s belief that excellent performers are also knowledgeable performers. Each GMTA Auditions participant in the category of piano or piano concerto must take and pass the appropriate level test at his or her local association unless granted an exemption. Click here for more information.

NDMTA Local Auditions Sophomore / Junior Scholarships
  1. Students who are entering the Local Auditions and who are also in their Sophomore / Junior year of high school may enter the Scholarship contest.
  2. There are two scholarships offered:       First Place    $300.00   Second Place    $200.00
  3.  Students applying for the scholarship must submit a resume detailing programs they have participated in and any rewards received during their years of piano lessons, as well as their intended use of the scholarship if they receive it.
  4.  Students must have played in at least one other piano performance event sponsored by NDMTA in the current school year to be eligible to receive the scholarship.
  5. The resume must accompany the application form for the Local Auditions, with the same received deadline.
GMTA Local Association Auditions Guidelines


  • Teachers will be REQUIRED to be on site or to have a teacher representative in their place on site to work on Audition Day for at least ½ of the day of the auditions.   If the teacher does not work that day, his/her students will NOT be heard.
  • Teachers should complete comment sheets providing title of composition, full name of composer, grade, and period only.
  • A student number will be provided by the person(s) in charge of scheduling.
  • It is the teachers’ responsibility to communicate the audition time to their students, and advise their students to register at the Registration Desk 15 minutes before their audition time.


  • Local Auditions must be held before March 1 each calendar year, or before the deadline to enter Regional Auditions, as set by GMTA.
  • Teachers are responsible for informing their students that NO warm-up pianos may be available.
  • Advise the student that they may warm up with a scale or exercise at the judge’s discretion, but should not warm up with their selected pieces.
  • Teachers are urged to advise each student that the auditions are constructive learning experiences, which OCCASIONALLY produce a winner.
  • Please emphasize the positive aspects and fully inform your student as to all requirements.

Audition Music

  • Student is responsible to bring ORIGINAL music for judge’s use.  NO PHOTOCOPIED MUSIC will be permitted.
  • Without music or without original music, student will be heard with “COMMENTS ONLY.”  The judge will be notified of the situation prior to the student’s audition time.
  • Measures should be numbered.


  • All FOUR forms must be COMPLETELY FILLED OUT and received by the chairperson by the published deadline.
  • Send registration forms to the chairperson along with ONE entry fee check from the teacher for the total amount of the registration of all students entered.
  • Teachers should also include a separate check of $20.00 for the Teacher’s Fee with the students’ registration forms.
  • Teachers must include with each application a check for $25.00 made out to NDMTA in the event the student receives an Outstanding Performer rating and is advancing to the Regional Auditions.  This check must have the student’s name as it appears on the application form written on the memo line, and each individual check must be attached by a paper clip to the application form of that student.  (Do not staple check to the form.)  The check may be written either by the parent of the student or by the teacher.  All applications from Grades 4-12 must have this individual check attached to be accepted. (Grades 2 & 3 do not advance to Regional or State and therefore will not need this check with the application.)  If the student does not advance to Regional Auditions, the check will be returned to the teacher.  Winners of the Regional Auditions will advance to the In-State Auditions.  It will not be necessary to pay an additional entry fee. The fee for the Regional Auditions includes the fee for the State Auditions.
  • All checks should be made payable to NDMTA.
  • If the teacher has no winners, the Teacher’s Fee check will be returned after the auditions
  • If any forms are not filled out completely or not included in the registration package, the entrants will NOT be accepted.


  • The schedule will be emailed to participating teachers. Teachers should verify their email address in the Yearbook to ensure it is correct and current.  Those who prefer a hard copy of the schedule by mail must request it at the time of application.
  • On the audition day, the schedule will be maintained by the judge’s monitor and is not available to uninvolved students, teachers or parents.
  • Specified time limits will be STRICTLY adhered to.
  • Timing will begin when the student begins to play.
  • The monitor will advise the judge when time has expired, and allow the student one minute to exit.
  • Judges will then be given additional time to write comments.
  • This additional time will be included in the schedule.

Teachers, please consult the current GMTA Auditions information for more complete auditions information in the GMTA website.


  • Prior to the auditions, judges should be counseled to make comments that are understood by the students and are appropriate to the student’s age level.
  • Judges’ comments must be encouraging and constructive, and may include suggestions for improving the student’s performance.

Judge’s Comment Sheet

  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMER, AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, HONORABLE MENTION, OR PARTICIPANT will be the only other specification shown on the comment sheet.
  • Certificates will be provided to all students.
  • A gold seal will be affixed to the certificate of the Outstanding Performer by the monitor once the judge has announced the decision.


  • Monitors DO NOT announce the winners.
  • Judges ONLY perform this task
  • One monitor per judge will be responsible for organizing the comment sheets and filling out certificates.
  • The monitor is asked to restrict activity around the monitor’s table in order to better expedite duties.

Outstanding Performers

  • Upon announcement of the winners at the local audition, the chairperson will detach the previously submitted check of $25.00 for deposit in NDMTA bank account, and the NDMTA Treasurer will write one check to GMTA for all winners’ fees.
  • Students who do not advance to Regional Auditions will have their checks returned to their teacher.
  • There will be no collection of fees at the time of the announcement

Any and all concerns of the judge regarding a student’s performance or repertoire should be presented to the Chairperson.  No student may be disqualified by the chairperson or the judge or any teacher or monitor present at the Local Auditions.  Questions regarding eligibility will be taken up with and addressed by the GMTA Board.